When it’s summer break or you have cousins over, we all know which online board game is gonna rule in the house. Yes, it is a ludo.


Although ludo with friends is explicitly a part of Indian culture and history, Ludo is not something that Indians view as a game.  The roots of Ludo had been laid down in the form of Chaupad or Pachisi, and Pandavs and Kauravs played it during the era of Mahabharata. The exact beginnings of this fabled game are unknown, but the first evidence of it can be found in the ancient Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, where pictures of the board game were found on the walls. This gives the impression that Ludo was a creation of the Indians. Today, many Indian families play online ludo games regardless of their age and culture. So, it is like a family tradition.


Similar variations of the game we now know as happy Ludu have been played for millennia. It was played with seeds, shells, staves, or dice on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, slate, and boards. The game can now even be remotely played after hundreds of years in the form of mobile apps, allowing people to play virtually from distant locations.


Much has changed as the world has become more technological. There are several board game alternatives available to us. Everyone can play ludo game, which is still among the most loved games. It provides a way for families and friends to bond. The number of players worldwide has increased as a result of the availability of the online Ludo game. The game, which formerly required a board, dice, and a flat surface to set them on, can now be played anywhere, even in a moving car.  The online Ludo game is becoming one of the most prosperous commercial initiatives in recent memory thanks to its rising popularity. 


Well who doesn’t want to win even when playing ludo your mind naturally tries to win the game when you play ludo online or offline. If it’s not one of the top board games in your group, you’ll need a plan of attack to defeat your rivals, who probably have prior gaming knowledge. When you play against unknown opponents, the stakes can rise because they might be more skilled than most people at playing games like these. However, if you can enter the game and win more often than not, you’ll feel more assured that you actually have the talents necessary to succeed and the enjoyment will seem more fulfilling.


For our evening tea and snack time, Indians have a special and essential location. Furthermore, we require entertainment to clear our thoughts after a long day of work and study. Our savior at the moment was the online ludo game. Ludo generated a fun atmosphere and allowed us to relax with a couple of games. It plays a big role in gatherings with friends and family as well. Ludo makes it seem as though time is moving more quickly.


Ludo is one of the best selections on the market for many board game enthusiasts. Playing competitively with other players is just as exciting as having fun with friends and family while playing games together. Although you will be playing ludo online versus strangers, that doesn’t necessarily make it any less thrilling!